Biotechnology-Good Scope At The Research Level

Biotechnology-Good Scope At The Research Level

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In simple terms, one can refer to biotechnology as the technology that is based on biology. This has a lot of use in the medical field too.

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Nowadays a lot of research work is done on medical biotechnology. This has helped the medical field in a lot of ways.
  • There is reduction in the spread of the infectious diseases
  • Lives of several children get saved
  • Has changed the odds of life-threatening diseases that affect several people around the globe
  • Custom made treatments to suit the different individuals and reduction in the side effects and health risks can be made
  • Disease detection tools are created that are more precise
  • Serious disorders and illnesses that confront the developing world are combated

A student can take up this subject to study at the graduate level as well as the postgraduate level. Further, the student can opt for further research work to find out more applications and methods to make the medicine more effective. Also, treatment for some life-threatening diseases can be found out during such work.

ICRI India is offering b sc in biotechnology in its different campuses. Those interested in studying this subject can apply for the graduation course at any of these campuses of ICRI India. Upon completion of the graduation either they can work in some lab or company. Also, there is an option of continuing the studies further by going in for post graduation in biotechnology.

They can directly register for some research program on completion of the course or do so after working for a year or two. This will help them to further their knowledge and in turn do some good to the society too.

There is a lot of scope for the students who take up this subject and they can land themselves in well-paying jobs too.

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Institute with very good reputation

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I had learned a lot about ICRI and the different campuses. Being a biology enthusiast I took it up at all levels of my study. My parents were not much happy thinking that the engineering stream has more scope. But I did not find physics and math interesting. I did my b sc with bioinformatics as my major and took up the MBA in clinical research at my post graduation level at the ICRI. I chose this because I was very much impressed by its reputation. I am now working as a research analyst at a reputed lab in the country. My parent’s fears are now put to rest.

Clinical Research Vital for Upgrading of the Healthcare Industry

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Healthcare industry is extremely huge and there are various branches in it too. it is also responsible for the general well being of the people. Health is an important issue and to flourish and enjoy life people should possess good health.

To enjoy good health there should be availability of better healthcare facilities and right medical help. To provide all this, the healthcare industry needs to conduct surveys and research to find out what is working and what is not.

They need to find some cure for the life threatening diseases and that too it should be affordable to most of the people. There is a need for better healthcare facilities and drugs that have no side effects. All this can be done only via research work in the clinical field.

ICRI India | Healthcare Industry

ICRI India has taken up this cause and has started various courses at different levels which people can take up. any life science, medical, pharmacy, biotechnology, microbiology or any related subject graduates can take up different courses in clinical research at their campuses. The ICRI India has four campuses at Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Bangalore. The students can apply for these courses at any campus which is convenient to them.

The courses offered here are B Sc, M Sc, MBA, PhD and post graduate diploma courses in clinical research. On completion of any one of these courses they can work in hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories and such related organizations at different levels like associates, managers and so on depending on their qualification and expertise.

During their job they can apply in practice what they have learned during these courses at the ICRI India campus. This gives them the opportunity to manage the hospitals in a better way also treat the patients with better and new methods which are more effective.

So with the clinical research work done by a few students many across the country are benefited. Then why not enroll in one of such courses in clinical research and lend a helping hand in the betterment of the society.

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Good Scope For A Post Graduate In Clinical Research

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ICRI India Reviews

M.Sc in clinical research is a 2-year course. It is one of the best courses offered by ICRI in clinical research. The objective of this course is to develop the students through academics and rigorous field experiments for managerial level positions. A comprehensive curriculum has been set for this course thereby it enhances the future of the students. This is termed as one of the most sought after courses.

Medical writing, data management, clinical research, pharmaco-vigilance syllabus along with a module for soft skills allows the students to climb the corporate ladder faster.

A 3-month internship during the 2-year course in a hospital or a pharma company that is partners with the ICRI India is an added advantage helping the career growth earlier too.

All the courses are taught using the latest techniques and upgraded from time to time so that the students get to learn the latest in the field first hand.

Some of the methodologies Post Graduate In Clinical Research  followed are

  • Skill enhancement workshops
  • Case study analysis
  • Projects
  • Classroom lectures
  • Industrial visits

The eligibility criteria for this course is the person should be a graduate or a post graduate in Life Sciences, Dentistry, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Veterinary Science, Nursing, Ayurveda, Microbiology, Medicine, Physiotherapy, And Homeopathy.

On completion of this course, the candidate will be able to work in different entry level positions like a clinical research associate that is CRA. This role is varied.

They can be main participants in designing, implementing and monitoring of clinical trials.

They can assist in the writing of scientific manuscripts of the meetings and technical journals, prepare presentations, and attend scientific meetings and training courses and so on.

One can even work as clinical research manager that is CRM. This is a very responsible job where in you may need to oversee writing and design protocol, ensure that the case report forms are timely reviewed and much more.

Post graduates in clinical research are much in demand and the pay package is really impressive for the fresher and with experience you can expect a high remuneration too.  so why not try pursuing this course.

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ICRI offers excellent learning programs

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The Clinical Research study was not at all available before the introduction of ICRI in India. For past few years, India’s compensation towards drugs and medical research has increased as the Institute of Clinical Research India offers learning programs in such rare field.

Most Preferred Institute for Clinical Research – ICRI Mumbai

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ICRI has been at the top priority list of students who want to make the career in clinical research or medical tourism. Also, working or already employed students prefer this Institute as the Institute offers online courses which are flexible according to their schedule.

Enriching the practical exposure and academic knowledge

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I have been admitted in the Institute a year ago in Msc in clinical research and management. The Institute grasps reputation Internationally and associated with distinct associations Synowledge, Cystepace clinical research,Merck ltd.

ICRI provides the leading clinical courses

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Institute of clinical research INDIA, ICRI has consummated internationally and nationally in aspect of clinical research study/courses categorized in various undergraduates and postgraduates and diplomas courses as well.

ICRI gave me the growth i needed after completion of the course.

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ICRI, Institute of clinical research India is top-notch institute in India and renowned it’s campuses in major metro cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi. The institute is developed and provide various courses online as well as regular.

Clinical research stream has been developing in the country since years and so is the education

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Clinical research stream has been developing in the country since years and so is the education and career prospects related to Clinical Research. ICRI, Institute of clinical research India provides proper education and career opportunities all over the country. The institute is very well known and linked with numerous of international organizations.

I had great studying experience in Institute of clinical research India

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I like the well- maintained environment of campus of the institute. I had great studying experience in Institute of clinical research India and never felt like negative at the institute and the researching experiences at the institute were great help for future.

Placement in reputed company

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I had a great times at ICRI, Institute of Clinical Research India, I’m proud that I studied from ICRI and get placed in such a reputed industry. The placement cell of the institute is well organized and companies association are at its best.

The Institute is suitable for those who aspire a career in the field of healthcare management

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The Institute is suitable for those who aspire a career in the field of healthcare allied industry. I am pursuing MBA in Healthcare Management and the faculty is composed of industry experts and academicians who guide students to understand the concepts and reality of this domain

MSc in Clinical Research is unique course

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I was clueless Befire joining my post graduation from ICRI. But thanks to the counsellors of ICRI who helped me to choose Clinical Research as my program. Clinical trials have a lot of scope in India and jobs prospects are increasing. I didn’t know much about this till I joined ICRI.

best institutes for clinical research

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ICRI Mumbai is one of the best institutes for clinical research. I give it 10 on 10 marks for discilpline.

ICRI is one of the best Institute for Helathcare professionals

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I am pursuing my MBA in Healthcare and Hospital management from ICRI. One can expect to intern with reputed and big brand hospitals and global companies like Ranbaxy and Novratis and earn while they study.

ICRI is the best medical institute in India

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ICRI is the best medical institute in India and Although, ICRI is first ever institute in India which encouraged clinical research methodologies and offered PhD in clinical research.

The career prospects for Clinical Research students are positive

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While Clinical Research programme is still a novel concept in India, the need for clinical trials are steadily increasing. I know I have a lot to benefit MSc in Clinical Research as ICRI faculty members have broadened my knowledge and the course structure has opened many career opportunities that I can choose from.

ICRI is India’s best and first ever institute of clinical research and healthcare.

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ICRI is India’s best and first ever institute of clinical research and healthcare. ICRI prepare its students practically and professionally rigid for the job market and provides internships and placements at its best.

ICRI is India’s best and first ever institute of clinical research and healthcare.

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ICRI is India’s best and first ever institute of clinical research and healthcare. ICRI prepare its students practically and professionally rigid for the job market and provides internships and placements at its best.

Our Mission

“Provide an independent global framework for international education, training and exchange of information for Clinical Research Professionals and to foster professional excellence in design and execution of clinical research, thereby contributing to enhancing the Clinical Research culture in India”.