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Video lectures are the newest form of teaching method which has evolved through the evolution of the internet as well as technology. This method of teaching has got a wide acceptance among the teachers as well as the students worldwide and is slowly gaining the momentum in the Indian education system. With the big private universities and schools in India have already implemented the plan of video lectures successfully, with more help and funding from the Government and financial institute, very soon we are going to witness every educational institute successfully implementing the concept of video lectures.Following are the advantages of video lectures-

Easy to access – Video lectures are very easy to access. Whether you are a student or a teacher, you can learn a subject or teach a lesson from any convenient place of yours and can access with just the help of internet, Smartphone, laptops or desktops.

Learn at your convenience– A student doesn’t necessarily have to board classrooms to learn a lesson. Thus, if a student is not well or met with a minor accident and he/she is willing to take the lectures, one can easily upload video lectures online and send to the student through links. Thus, a student can learn a lesson according to his/her convenience.

Learning at own pace – Every student has his/her own pace of learning for every subject. Thus, with video lectures, a student can take his/her own time to understand a lesson and ask whatever needs to be clarified to the teacher.

Diversity – Video lectures have diverse uses. A teacher can go for distance teaching in the case of emergency with the help of video lectures. Also, one can even have video lectures within a classroom. These innovative approaches will encourage and engage students to learn subjects enthusiastically.

Unlimited access – A teacher, through the help of video lectures can provide ample and unlimited learning materials to students with the help of Web or LMS. Also, a teacher can make CD’s and DVD’s of a lecture to give to his/her students.

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