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Students who wants to pursue career in Clinical Research field with specializations such as BBA, MBA, MSc, BSc, and PhD from a well-known institute can take a sigh of relief. ICRI India has merged and joined hands with Jain University in Bengaluru which is one of the most promising industries of this decade. Founded in 1990, Jain University aims of expanding the learning horizon for the students who wish to pursue education in Clinical Research field.

Jain University being one of the oldest and biggest deemed university in Karnataka runs 62 educational institutions that includes various schools. It offers various courses that includes Undergraduate studies, Post Graduate courses, Management, Engineering and Technical studies. It is located at Jayanagar which is a central part of Bengaluru.

Why Choose Jain University?

  • As per survey by India Today in 2015, Jain University is one of the top private universities in India.
  • It is one if the oldest and biggest university in Karnataka.
  • It has total 5 campuses that offers all state-of-the-art facilities that includes education, research, sports, and other ventures.

The Jain University facilitates below courses with ICRI to its students –

  • Sc. in Clinical Research
  • Sc. in Clinical Research and Hospital Administration
  • Bachelor in Management Studies (BMS) in Aviation Management
  • Bachelor in Management Studies (BMS) in Materials Management and E-commerce
  • Masters in Management Studies (MMS) in Hospital Administration
  • Masters in Management Studies (MMS) in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • MBA in Aviation Management
  • PhD in Clinical Research
  • PhD in HealthCare Management

Jain University which is merged along with ICRI has become an educational hub for millions of young minds that hails from more than 35 countries. Students are also offered with scholarships with the objective to encourage extraordinary talent in various fields including academics, sports, dance, music, and other categories.

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