In simple terms, one can refer to biotechnology as the technology that is based on biology. This has a lot of use in the medical field too.

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Nowadays a lot of research work is done on medical biotechnology. This has helped the medical field in a lot of ways.
  • There is reduction in the spread of the infectious diseases
  • Lives of several children get saved
  • Has changed the odds of life-threatening diseases that affect several people around the globe
  • Custom made treatments to suit the different individuals and reduction in the side effects and health risks can be made
  • Disease detection tools are created that are more precise
  • Serious disorders and illnesses that confront the developing world are combated

A student can take up this subject to study at the graduate level as well as the postgraduate level. Further, the student can opt for further research work to find out more applications and methods to make the medicine more effective. Also, treatment for some life-threatening diseases can be found out during such work.

ICRI India is offering b sc in biotechnology in its different campuses. Those interested in studying this subject can apply for the graduation course at any of these campuses of ICRI India. Upon completion of the graduation either they can work in some lab or company. Also, there is an option of continuing the studies further by going in for post graduation in biotechnology.

They can directly register for some research program on completion of the course or do so after working for a year or two. This will help them to further their knowledge and in turn do some good to the society too.

There is a lot of scope for the students who take up this subject and they can land themselves in well-paying jobs too.

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