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The healthcare department of India is one of the fastest growing industries both in terms of revenue as well as employment. The healthcare sector comprises of hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, health insurance, medical tourism and medical equipment. The healthcare department in India is broadly categorized into two segments- the public healthcare sector and the private healthcare sector. The public healthcare sector, that is the government healthcare departments consists of secondary and tertiary healthcare institutions in key cities that focuses on providing basic healthcare facilities to all. Whereas the private healthcare department consists of secondary, tertiary and Quaternary healthcare institutions with their major concentration in metros, tier 1 and tier 2 cities.

The healthcare department of India both public as well as private consists of well trained medical professionals. In terms of cost expenditure the Indian healthcare department if quite cost effective as compared to Asia and Western countries. Though the healthcare department of India is experience a high rate of growth, but the quality of the healthcare facilities provided still remains a serious concern. To tackle this problem and transform the quality of healthcare facilities many steps have been taken from time to time. There has been a high level political commitment to invest in the healthcare department so as to improve its quality and bring in more reformations in the healthcare department of India. The healthcare department of India is also on the look out to reduce the healthcare costs so as to make the facilities available to all sections of the society. This objective of cost reduction is being made through various innovations, use of new and latest technology, implementation of the best practices and their practitioners and through the participatory approach involving the NGOs and the private sector. Apart from these various awareness programmes are also being carried out so as to increase people’s awareness regarding the healthcare facilities.ICRI Institute is one of the best institutes of Clinical Research in New Delhi. ICRI India has also its branches in Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune. ICRI also gives the best preparations for Graphic designing in India.

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