Not everyone is made for the mainstream nine-to-five jobs, some wishes to broaden their horizons via corporate sectors in and around, nook and corners of the world. One such highest spreading specific course is Logistics and Aviation Management.

Management course

While traditional courses like Engineering and a Doctor degrees was a trend back then, but in the recent times, it has now become a passé. Many students deflects from the traditional profiles and wishes to build their future in the creative space. There’s no lie in the fact that if you are a deserving student, you will get your respective college and have a bright future ahead of you! The corporate sector is diverging in multiple fields so as to keep a check at every space and leave no stone untouched.

Logistics industry:

ICRI India gives you the opportunity of specializing in a specific field and be the subject matter expert. The institution takes pride in its world-class and unique education. Their job-oriented courses ensures that you are ready for the careers of the future. The most important skills that you learn here is time management and preparing students for the designed job of tomorrow.

Let’s help you with some facts to get a proper insight to understand the logistics industry better:-

* The global logistics industry is valued at US$ 8.1 trillion & will grow to US$ 15.5 trillion by 2023

* Industry employs 40 million man-power world-wide & 4.2 lakhs jobs in India.

* Students with ICRI India engage with industry practitioners and acquire relative expertise on current practices.

* ICRI India has expert pool of faculty bodies which understands all aspects of societal challenges.

* The initial salary package that a student can get is anywhere ranging from 4 to 7 lakhs par annum.

Aviation Industry

We’re glad to tell that ICRI India is associated with the reknowned Aviation industries are British Airways, Lufthansa, etc. The institution ensures that the student gets placed into one of the reknowned and top industries. Hence, a culture of wide horizons and before hand preparation for the final outcome towards cut-throat competition. We prepare a future roadmap for you. Such that then students are emerged with knowledge blocks and a constant check of eye on applicability and scalability. The aviation industry shows consistent growth and will increase more and more in future.

Let’s help you with some facts to get a proper insight to understand the aviation industry better:-

* Did you know? India is the 9th largest civil aviation market in the world, with a market size of around US$ 16 billion. India is expected to become the third largest aviation market by 2020

* Aviation Industry is generating 23.5 million jobs on yearly basis world-wide & 2.5 lakhs jobs in India.

* Students with ICRI India receive an additional certificate.

* ICRI India has expert pool of faculty bodies which understands all aspects of societal challenges.

* The initial salary package that a student can get is anywhere ranging from 4 to 7 lakhs par annum.

Opportunities in Aviation Industry

Aviation industry has shown immense great results to increase the GDP of India in the last few years. You will be amazed to know that more and more people wish to pursue travel and tourism, aviation as it provides 2.5-5 lakhs jobs every year.

  1. Aviation with different Industry:

* Aerospace • Airlines • Transportation • Courier & Mails • Food & Grocery • Forestry • Freight Forwarding • Government • Hotel & Hospitality • International Trade • Tourism (Health, Leisure, Medical, etc) • IT/ITES • Military & National Defense Shipment • Export/ Import • Domestic Transfer of Shipment • Pharmaceuticals • Retail • Logistics • Education • Research and Development • Air & Space Law

  1. Opportunity In Airline Management: 

* Aircraft Financing • Route Management • Fleet Management • Ground Handling • Customer Service • Crew Scheduling • Aircraft Engineering • Safety & Security • In-flight Service • Slot Allocation • Revenue Management

  1. Area to be served in Aviation:

* Consultancies • Ground Handling Companies • Ticketing Companies • Forecasting • Customer Services • Strategic Planning • Medical Tourism • Hospitality • Logistics Companies • Strategic Planning

  1. Career Prospects Managers:

* Air Traffic Managers, Aviation Planners, Resource Manager, Purchase Manager, Analyst, Financial Analyst, Senior Staff Analyst, Operation Analyst Consultants, Astt. Manager (Warehouse of Airport, Airlines & Logistics Companies), Supervisors, Cargo Supervisors, Management Traine, Flight Dispatcher, Station Attendant / Information Representative, Crew Schedule Coordinator, Airlines Station Agent , Airline Flight Instructor

Opportunity in Logistics:

* Indian Logistics industry would need 28.4 million skilled people in the “Senior Resource Category” in warehouse management by 2022

* Indian logistics industry is at an inflection point and will reach a market size of over $125 billion in coming years

* MARKETING-Business Strategy, Brand Management, Product Development, Pricing & Commercial, Market Research

* BD & SALES- Vertical Development, Route Development, Global Account Management, Consultative Selling,

* CUSTOMER SERVICES- Direct Sales Relationship Management, Key Account Management, Operations, Co-ordination, Customer Co-ordination, BPO (Call Operations), Documentation

* OPERATIONS- Procurement & Purchase, Forecasting & Analysis, Vendor Management, Inventory Management, Warehousing & Distribution, Air / Sea Port Operations, Solution Designing

* OTHER SUPPORT FUNCTIONS- Finance & Accounting, Human Resource Management, Business Process & Quality Control, Legal & Compliance Group, Business Administration, Facility Management.

Boost your career with ICRI India

ICRI India is one of the the top leading institutes of India. It secures that you have a successful career ahead after your graduation/certification/diploma/etc. The integrated institution also assure that you don’t waste your time and learn different ways to make your mark in the practical world. The affordable fee structure customises it for a student’s requirements.

Offering a wide variety of career scope, ICRI India makes sure that no student is left and avail a placement guarantee. For any queries, you may contact us at or you can click the above-mentioned link and ask for  a ‘quick query’ as well.

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