Do you want to have wings and fly above the sky? Yes, we are talking about Aeronautical Engineering. If you also dream to be one fine day, then ICRI India will do everything to fulfil your career. The dream of ruling the sky while you create aircraft is intriguing.

Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering is a segment of engineering which deals with the creation of advanced technologies in the fields of aviation; space technology and defence system.

What does an Aeronautical Engineer do?

The primary job of an Aeronautical Engineer is to devise aircraft and propulsion systems, but with time, the engineer is given many more responsibilities to carry out. Recruitment opportunities are available in defence services and aviation industry. In addition, they create and test prototypes to make sure that they function according to design.

Duties of Aerospace Engineers

Aerospace engineers typically do the following:

* Direct and coordinate the design, manufacture, and testing of aircraft and aerospace products

* Assess proposals for projects to determine if they are technically and financially feasible

* Determine if proposed projects will result in safe operations that meet the defined goals

* Evaluate designs to see that the products meet engineering principles, customer requirements, and environmental regulations

* Develop acceptance criteria for design methods, quality standards, sustainment after delivery, and completion dates

* Ensure that projects meet quality standards

* Inspect malfunctioning or damaged products to identify sources of problems and possible solutions

How to Become an Aerospace Engineer?

Entry-level aerospace engineers usually need a bachelor’s degree. All the students who are interested in studying aerospace engineering after their 10th should take courses in chemistry, physics, advanced math, and computer programming and computer languages. Bachelor’s degree programs include classroom, laboratory, and field studies in subjects such as general engineering principles, propulsion, stability and control, structures, mechanics, and aerodynamics, which is the study of how air interacts with moving objects.

Some institutions and universities like ICRI India also offer cooperative programs in partnership with regional businesses, which give students practical experience while they complete their education. Cooperative programs and internships enable students to gain valuable experience and to finance part of their education.

At some institutions, a student can enrol in a 5-year program that leads to both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree upon completion. A graduate degree will allow an engineer to work as an instructor at a university or to do research and development. Programs in aerospace engineering are accredited by ABET.


This course is undoubtedly one of the best professions that you may choose and thank your future self, later! Aeronautical Engineers are always in demand, so why not pursue it from ICRI India and retain all the effective perks. To become one, contact us today at +91 9717094063, 9717094061, 011-40651001



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