This industry has not much come to the spotlight. But little do young aspirants know that this has become the center of discussion among students and youngsters nowadays.

Logistics industry

Well, not to forget that this is a new generation course and has become a hot trend for students. Earlier logistics was believed to be the usual transportation business and on a later stage, there were so many additions to the concept. Logistics may be a new concept for students in India but the concept and system have been prevailing for decades.

The advancement of military logistics saw the invention of various Logistical concepts soon after. The effectiveness and efficiency in the military system have given a new insight into the business field and it was simpler for business enterprises to induct military logistical experts to their companies soon after the post-world wartime. In India, the possibilities of logistics are yet to be explored properly as we are at the beginning stage compared to the developed world.

The logistical concept has evolved from transportation to the whole operation management process and has developed to supply chain activities and management. Due to wide competition in the field of technological advancement, companies face a lot of uncertainties in production to distribution. Made for forecasting is not accessible as the technology can alter at any given time, which in result affects the procurement and production. The post production works such as distribution and marketing will have to bear the pressure regarding the ROI and it can, in turn, result in discount sales and clearance sales, which we often see.

The truth is many companies are yet to explore the chances of logistics and they still treat this as a usual concept for transportation and major academic institutions too believe it is all shipping and transportation. This myth has created a lot number of aspirants with logistics programs who get a notion that it is just the movement of goods.

ICRI India tries to break this traditional concept by imparting proper training and knowledge in the field of procurement to distribution channels by identifying the core competency of each student through different training methodologies and create the best out of them to get them into the line of logistic industry. Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the oversight of materials, information, and finances as they move in a process from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer. For any queries, feel free to contact us at


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