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Globally, the research & development industry is set to cross billion annually by coming years, offering new job scopes for aspirants. Clinical trials involve 70% of time and money of new Drug Development cost. Over the years, the clinical research industry has grown enormously and has opened new avenues of job for large number of people. Worldwide the clinical trials market is worth of more than US$ 45billion and employs more than 2, 00,000 people in US alone. Moreover, institutes like ICRI India also offer quality education for aspirants who can take up the career positively.

Let us check 3 top reasons on why Clinical Research career is promising;

  1. Help in making difference in People’s Lives:

Clinical research can help in making differences in people’s lives by improving the quality of live. Clinical research not only trail new drugs and medicines, but also helps in tackling the disease. Professionals can work on finding new drugs to tackle with problems like heart disease, nervous system disorders and other.

  1. Will Work with top companies:

Clinical research industry is growing tremendously because of new technology offered for testing the drugs. Aspirants throughout the course are trained to use these new tools for testing drugs and medicine. Experts can get the position of Clinical Research Associate and monitor tests, getting handsome package.

  1. Putting Science Degree in Use:

If in midway of science stream, you are confused about the course or career to take up, the switching over to Clinical Research is the best option. Science students are trained with practical and theoretical knowledge of medicines and technology. Clinical research is responsible to know how effective the drug and diagnostic products are.

About ICRI:

Institute of Clinical Research India (ICRI) is one of the top institutes in India for clinical research. Offering different courses combined with practical and theoretical preparation method, students are prepared well to have a progressive career in clinical research. Corporate trainings, workshop and cliniminds clinical research at different pharma companies conducted by ICRI India help aspirants and professionals to gather in-depth knowledge about the field.

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